International Position

  1. New Generation of Water Leaders (NGWL)

    A 14 member International Water Policy Group formed by Third World Water Management Centre, Mexico has been termed as New Generation of Water Leaders.  The other members are from Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Jordan, Mexico, Sweden, USA, etc. This group has been constituted as a Think Tank to facilitate interaction and functional networking between top water professionals on important national and international water issues, to form an international vision for water for coming decades and to help evolve international public policy on water.

  2. International Water Resources Association IWRA)

    Nominated on the Board of Directors for 2004-2006.

  3. Thematic Centre, Ankara

    World Water Council sponsored “Thematic centre” ( with the mission to accelerate multi dimensional sustainable water resources development through user-driven empirical research and knowledge dissemination on stakeholder participation and inter sectoral integration.